Versus is Rev 89’s weekly debate podcast. 1 on 1, nowhere to hide. The debaters change every week, but one thing stays the same, passionate epic debate.

VS: Kobe v Lebron

Ben Cason debates Seth Six over who is a better player: the Black Mamba or King James. Vote who you thought won on Twitter!

VS: E-Sports v Sports

Ben and JSB debate which is more entertaining to watch, sports or e-sports. This is a debate that’s going to get hotter and hotter in the upcoming years.

VS: Rogers v Brady

Rodgers or Brady? Two excellent quarterbacks with MVP trophies, championships and clutch passes galore. But who is the best? Jacob Sandoval and Trey Graham hash it out ahead of this week’s Packers-Patriots game.

VS: Belichick v Saban

Ben and SmitherzZz debate who is the greatest coach ever. Nick Saban or Bill Belichick. You can get quality sports debate here on Rev 89 Productions every Saturday!