Mental Health and Veterans: Insightful Discussion on Veterans Voice Pueblo

This week's episode of Veteran Voice Pueblo was a thought-provoking and enlightening discussion about mental health and veterans. Host Cassime Joseph welcomed Eric Moncibais and his wife Mona Moncibais as guests on the show. Mona is a therapist at "A New Leaf Therapy," and Eric is a veteran and a longtime friend of the show.


During the conversation, Eric shared his personal experiences with mental health and the challenges he faced in seeking help as a veteran. Mona highlighted the need to break down the stigma around mental health and encouraged veterans to seek the support they need.

The discussion also addressed the unique mental health challenges that veterans face, such as the trauma of combat and the difficulty of reintegrating into civilian life. Mona provided practical tips for coping with anxiety and depression, including mindfulness and deep breathing exercises.

Throughout the episode, Eric and Mona emphasized the importance of seeking professional help and community support when dealing with mental health issues. They also stressed the need for greater awareness and understanding of the mental health needs of veterans.



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