Meet our DJs




James Bartolo James is a Pueblo native and a member of the sports crew he enjoys watching the Denver Broncos, mispronouncing Ben’s last name as Carson and trashing Leon’s Philadelphia Eagles for never winning a Super Bowl




Ben Cason Ben is a freshman this year, planning to major in mass communications.Ben has very ambitious goals to be a great sports broadcaster. He is now the color commentator for football on Rev and is looking forward to more opportunities. He is also part of the Sunday morning talk show, The Press Box. He also enjoy hiking, swimming, going to the movies, and history.


Isaac Cobbs Isaac grew up in Minnesota and has been living in Colorado since 2011. He enjoys video production, taking pictures, and writing. He hopes to become a TV producer and radio broadcaster in his career. He also enjoys browsing the grilled cheese, burgers, and melts subreddits when he’s feeling hungry.




Spencer Daniels The smooth SpencDeezy is the baseball junky from Cali that enjoys all things music. He does great things with his video production skills and killer hugs. But sorry ladies, he’s taken. And he loves them Red Socks.




Chris Demers Chris is a mass communications major with an emphasis in electronic media. He is interested in doing music production and working on the radio. Chris wants to do all things mass comm has to offer and can be efficient in any career this degree will offer him. He would love to be on the radio for a career.




Lindsey Fionezi Lindsey is an outgoing redhead that loves to be called Red. She is a junior Mass Comm major with an emphasis is Integrated Communications. She is full of spunk as she trots around in her American cowgirl boots stopping out any obstacles in her path.



Tori Q. Gilford Preacher’s Kid and former Broadcast Journalist/Videographer for Air Force Space Command Headquarters Public Affairs Department, Air Force Veteran Tori Q. Gilford is using her Post 9/11 GI Bill toward a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with an Emphasis in Digital Media and minors in Music and Audio Production, Creative Writing and Cannabis Studies.


Kristina Hilliard Kristina is 21 and a junior at CSU-Pueblo. Im from Louisiana and she ismajoring in Wildlife and Natural Resources and minoring in Mass Communications.





Kat Howard Full of energy and always on the go, DJ Kat  is our Texas girl living the Colorado dream! She is not only one of our DJs, she is also our Public Affairs Director for The Revolution.  This Mass Communications Journalism major loves music, people, fun and winning!



Shae McNutt Shae is a senior and is getting her major in Mass communications with an emphasis in integrated communications. She enjoys radio and photography. Go Broncos.





Allie Narro My name is Allison, but I go by Allie. I’m from Parker, Colorado and I’m a Mass Communications Major. I’m in my third year and fun fact about me: I will be packing up my life and moving half way across the world for six months starting in February.





Wesley Padgett aka Yung WezzMatik is a Mass Communications major. Trinidad State Junior College graduate. Good with audio and video production. Loves long walks on he beach and binge watching The Office on Netflix.





Lacy Page DJ Lacy loves being apart of Rev it’s in her blood, following
in the foot steps of her uncle Lacy is ready to take the mass communications world by storm. Listen with her every Tuesday/Thursday 11-1



Dez Rowe Dez the firecracker that keeps us together. She likes to have fun and is always prepared for every situation – the McGyver of the group. If you see a flying white bronco, it isn’t your favorite football team mascot, it’s Dez in her car with a boom box blasting through. Dez is a free spirit that is a comfort to all.





Ryan Strandberg Ryan is a fan of Rick and Morty and Steven Universe. He loves to talk and be social. Ryan is a mass communication major with an emphasis in electronic communication.