Meet our DJs



Ben Cason Ben is a freshman this year, planning to major in mass communications.Ben has very ambitious goals to be a great sports broadcaster. He is now the color commentator for football on Rev and is looking forward to more opportunities. He is also part of the Sunday morning talk show, The Press Box. He also enjoy hiking, swimming, going to the movies, and history.


Kristina Hilliard Kristina is 21 and a junior at CSU-Pueblo. Im from Louisiana and she ismajoring in Wildlife and Natural Resources and minoring in Mass Communications.





Kat Howard Full of energy and always on the go, DJ Kat  is our Texas girl living the Colorado dream! She is not only one of our DJs, she is also our Public Affairs Director for The Revolution.  This Mass Communications Journalism major loves music, people, fun and winning!



Blake Lotter is originally from Minneapolis but he’s spent the last 10 years living in LA, Atlanta, Dallas and now Pueblo to study mass communications. In his free time he likes to work on indie games and edit videos. Blake is majoring in Mass Communications with an emphasis in electronic media and minoring in Psychology.




Dez Rowe Dez the firecracker that keeps us together. She likes to have fun and is always prepared for every situation – the McGyver of the group. If you see a flying white bronco, it isn’t your favorite football team mascot, it’s Dez in her car with a boom box blasting through. Dez is a free spirit that is a comfort to all.




Jacob Sisneros-Baca you can call him JSB. He loves classic cars, video games and playing the greatest music ever created.