CSU-Pueblo station Rev 89 reaches global audience with new automation

Colorado State University-Pueblo’s radio station, KTSC-FM, better known as The Revolution, Rev 89, has upgraded its broadcast facilities to include the addition of a state-of-the-art digital radio automation system and global audio streaming capabilities. CSU-Pueblo Mass Communications students can broadcast to every continent in the world via www.revolution89.com thanks to the installation of WideOrbit Streaming (formerly Abacast) and WideOrbit Automation for Radio.

“Up to this point the students have had an audience in Southern Colorado, Pueblo and the surrounding areas,” said Mass Communications Department Chair Samuel Ebersole. “Now the potential audience has increased significantly and dramatically. Because of streaming our students can now reach an audience that is truly global, and multi-cultural potentially.”

An Implementation Specialist from Dallas, Texas flew out for a three-day installation and conducted training for the radio station staff. The process involved transitioning from a failing 10-year-old automation system, Scott Studios, which was installed in 2005.

“This is a significant upgrade for the station. It makes us a leader again in college radio and in some ways, a leader among some commercial radio stations,” Ebersole said. “We are offering to students an experience that is cutting edge and that is preparing them for future work in broadcasting.”

According to Rev 89 Station Manager Jenna Mangino, the new system will change the way broadcasting is taught in the department.

“Not only has it improved our on-air sound, but it has provided more opportunities for students by allowing them to voice track, manage the station playlist with a touch-screen interface, streamlined our production process and given them the ability to reach a global audience,” she said.

KTSC-FM joins a growing list of Colleges and Universities throughout North America that have chosen WideOrbit Automation for Radio and WideOrbit Streaming.

said, “The big take away is we are teaching students how to use the most sophisticated radio broadcasting system available on earth – our mission has always been to provide a world class broadcasting experience for our students,” said Mass Communications Professor and Rev 89 faculty advisor Sam Lovato. “Jenna Mangino made all of this possible – the successful installation and implementation is evidence of her research, practice, pedagogy, creativity, and critical thought.”

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