Meet our DJs


Samantha Baker Samantha a.k.a. Sami B originates from the western slope of Colorado and is studying journalism and integrated communications. She is a Resident Assistant on campus, volunteers with the Red Cross, and loves to dance and jam with the Rev crew.

Kevin Cano Kevin the energy of the crew gets everyone on their feet to DANCE! Your voice in the morning that wakes you up and keeps you updated on the studio happenings and never stops moving. Don’t believe us, he is a Zumba and Insanity Fitness instructor. And he LOVES food.

Spencer Daniels The smooth SpencDeezy is the baseball junky from Cali that enjoys all things music. He does great things with his video production skills and killer hugs. But sorry ladies, he’s taken. And he loves them Red Socks.

KayLynn McAbee KayLynn is the sunshine of the crew that wears a pink backpack and a smile. From Denver, she knows how to thug it up but has evolved into the spirit of Rev 89. A classy lady that is studying electronic media with hopes of continuing on in the radio universe or becoming a beloved voice actor.

Josh Quintana The chill Josh, not cold, is a mass commie studying journalism with a side of electronic media; a Pueblo native that loves sports like American football, Go Broncos! When he isn’t with Rev, Josh is experiencing movies, video games, and music! His dream is to one day be a sports broadcaster with a large hat collection.

Dez Rowe Dez the firecracker that keeps us together. She likes to have fun and is always prepared for every situation – the McGyver of the group. If you see a flying white bronco, it isn’t your favorite football team mascot, it’s Dez in her car with a boom box blasting through. Des is a free spirit that is a comfort to all.

Randy Sturtevant (RJ) I am a 1996 graduate of Pueblo Central High School. I’m a Mass Communications student in my sophomore year of studies. I love the mass comm department, it is something that I have always wanted to pursue. Being a REV 89 DJ has made me step out of my comfort zone and just enjoy life and most of all, the music of course. Being a part of REV 89 is one of the most rewarding things I have done in my life, you’re on the air playing the best music and having fun with your fellow DJ’s that are truly like family.

Chris Demers I am a mass communications major with an emphasis in electronic media. I am interested in doing music production and working on the radio. I want to be able to do all the things mass com has to offer so I can be efficient in any career this degree will get me. Mostly I would love to be on the radio for a career.

Wesley Padgett Mass Communications major. Trinidad State Junior College graduate. Good with audio and video production. Loves long walks on the beach and binge watching The Office on Netflix.

Randy Ray Robinson Grew up in a small rural town better known as Rocky Ford (Go Meloneers!). Went to Otero Junior College and became the “Voice of the Rattlers.” Now a Mass Communications major and enjoying being a member of #PackNation. Looking forward to being part of the Rev Family and creating some great memories. Looking to make a career in sports broadcasting. Pretty much just living life one day at a time and enjoying all the small moments.

Isaac Cobbs I grew up in Minnesota and have been living in Colorado since 2011. I enjoy video production, taking pictures, and writing. I hope to become a TV producer and radio broadcaster for my career.

Nick Henry Born and raised in sunny Southern California. I am a junior here at CSU-Pueblo. My passion is traveling the world. Every year I go to Jamaica to visit my family and because of that I have a huge love for reggae music. I have been here at Rev for almost two years now and will hopefully be around until the day I graduate.